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Introducing The Financial Influencer Network: the first pay-per-share (PPS) platform to reward financial influencers for sharing engaging market related content. StockSocial puts you on the front lines as a social journalist,  paying you to share relevant breaking market content that appeals to you and your followers.

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What is a Financial Influencer?

Companies are looking to partner with influencers who can help them communicate with investors in an authentic way.

StockSocial bridges this gap by putting you in front of hundreds of top brands and market stories to engage the power of your followers.


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Automate which social networks to push your selected content offers to and track engagement results!

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Based on your profile, select only content relevant to you and your audience that will attract viral engagement from your audience.

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As a financial influencer you will receive breaking news and market stories directly tailored to you. Get automated alerts when offers hit your inbox, automatically push to your social networks and get paid when your followers, read, share and engage with your content.

How it Works

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